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Network/Global Reach

Our Network

The advantages of KTC’s global operations are many. Our presence in four continents and 13 countries means we have total control of all our operations and deliver accountability every step of the way. Our clients enjoy not having to deal with multiple vendors in multiple locales with multiple results. They just deal with KTC and our voice of experience.

KTC’s global presence also means we are able to secure for our clients all the business and competitive advantages of preferred trade agreements, such as those between:

  • Egypt and EU
  • Egypt and USA
  • Canada and Bangladesh
  • Canada and Cambodia
  • China and Canada
  • China and USA

Moreover, to ensure we can meet all of our clients’ demands, KTC also has strategic partners in place. Partners who can help us add more capacity or meet special requests on the fly. Our strategic partners are chosen only if they reflect our vision, standards and commitment, and more importantly, if they are willing to integrate seamlessly with our operations.

Global Reach

Our global reach is very assuring to our clients. It helps KTC closely monitor every aspect of production, distribution and packaging. Giving us the flexibility to simplify even the most complex of transactions, bring order to chaos, and deliver value on time.

An inspiration and a benchmark for all our global facilities is our Egypt operation. For example, our factory in Egypt ranks among the top 10 textile plants in terms of size, capacity and turnover and its integrated operation offers many advantages such as:

  • Secure and uninterrupted access to Egyptian cotton, the finest, long-staple cotton in the world
  • Strategic, logistic and transit advantages to European and North American markets due to its geographical proximity
  • Preferred trade agreement for competitive and financial advantage to our clients and partners in these markets