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Mu’taz Sawaf – CEO – KTC

The original founder of KTC, Mu’taz is the CEO of the company. Mu’taz is an avid investor who believes in the textile industry and its growth potential across product categories and market boundaries. Mu’taz also believes that only through a hard commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will clients of KTC remain loyal. His vision is to grow KTC into the leading apparel and textile retailer and manufacturer in the Middle-East with a strong and vertical presence especially in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Sam Abboud – Managing Director – KTC and President & CEO – Canaren Canada

Sam Abboud has been instrumental in building KTC’s infrastructure into what it is today. Starting in Canaren Canada, Sam introduced imported products from KTC into the Canadian markets in 1992 at a time Canadian retailers were mainly purchasing and selling Canadian made merchandise. Five years later, KTC started importing into the USA. As the managing director of KTC, Sam is the pulse, energy and leader of KTC. He spends half his time in Canada as the President and CEO of Canaren Canada and the other half in Egypt managing KTC’s Egyptian manufacturing, sourcing and retail operations.

Wassef Sawaf – Managing Director – Canaren India and Canaren Bangladesh and Executive Vice President - Canaren Canada

Wassef joined KTC in early 2002 working in Canaren Canada. Starting off as a business analyst, Wassef displayed strong leadership and management skills which led to his position as assistant general manager by the end of 2005. It was also at this point that Wassef went to Asia and started Canaren India and Canaren Bangladesh. This did not deter Wassef from completing his MBA at Queens University in Canada in 2006 while attending to his duties in Asia and Canada. Currently, Wassef is the corporate Vice President of Canaren Canada assisting the President in running the day to day operations of the company as well as the Managing Director of its offices in Bangladesh and India with the specific mandate to building the sourcing and manufacturing depth KTC needs in Asia.

Khalil Mehanna – Managing Director – Casareen France & Zarina Company

Khalil has been involved in the apparel industry for over fifteen years. His love of merchandising, retail and general business along with his management skills help him execute his current programs at KTC. Currently, Khalil is the general manager of Casareen France, as well as Zarina Retail Company, managing their day to day operations and leading an aggressive growth plan for both companies. Khalil believes in professionalism, social and ecological responsibility and is a big supporter of the organic exchange and environmental living. Khalil spends half his time in Cairo and the other half in Paris managing our European Sales initiatives.

Mohamad Naguib Ramadan – General Manager – KTC Egypt

Mohamad Naguib joined KTC as a VP of finance in 1999. With his strong and quick understanding of industrial and manufacturing concepts, along with his long experience in analytical and quantitative work, Mohamad Naguib found himself fully immersed in the field of textile manufacturing and sourcing. In 2005 Mr. Naguib was promoted to General Manager of KTC Egypt running the day to day operations of Kazareen Division. He also oversaw the multimillion dollar expansion of Kazareen Factory completed in December 2007.

Ahmed Eissa – Managing Director – Canaren Egypt – Knits and Home Textiles

Mr. Issa started with KTC as the production Manager of Bahia in 1990. In 2000, Ahmed’s management and leadership skills led him to the position of general manager of Bahia. Bahia thrived under his leadership as he upgraded the printing and embroidery divisions as well as building the facility’s know how in the areas of specialty uniforms and high end home textiles. His love for production led him to Canaren Egypt in January 2005 when he was appointed production and development manager. Ahmed quickly rose to General Manager of Canaren Egypt in September 2007. His long experience, leadership abilities and technical knowledge are a strong asset to Canaren Egypt as it continues to grow towards becoming the largest buying and sourcing in Egypt.

Ashwani Bhartawaj
– General Manager – Canaren Egypt – Wovens

Ashwani has lived in India, the U.S and most recently Egypt, where he has been since 1999. Specializing in woven products, Ashwani brings to KTC his extensive experience in the field of apparel, both at the retail and merchandising side as well as the sourcing and manufacturing side. His career can be looked at in two parts. The first was spent living in the U.S. understanding the customer and consumer demands through his involvement with many US retailers. The second was spent crafting manufacturing requirements to bring this merchandise to these consumers at a higher level of quality and at a lower price. Prior to joining KTC, Ashwani was head of sourcing for Warnaco, Li&Fung, GAP, and A&F.