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Canaren Inc. is a Toronto based global apparel and textiles company servicing the North-American market. With offices in Europe, Asia and the Middle-East, Canaren has the reach, sourcing, marketing and logistics support to create a full-service global apparel and textiles company that’s vertically integrated to deliver everything from yarn to garment and beyond. One reason for our success is the fact that we own every aspect of the operation giving us 100\% control ? from sourcing, design and production to logistics and distribution.

Built into Canaren’s mission right from its founding days is a deep and continuing commitment to fair trade agreements, healthy work environment, organic farming and environmental issues.

Canaren’s integrated approach to textile and apparel production, the commitment and expertise of its well-trained staff and its global presence are the advantages we offer our long-standing clients, partners and suppliers. Simply put, at Canaren we have taken the pain out of doing business globally.

At Canaren we met these demands by becoming flexible and nimble. We did this by vertically integrating every aspect of textile production ? from design to manufacturing to delivery and beyond.

Canaren Canada
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