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One Source


One-Source for Apparel, Textile and Fashion Globally

KTC was founded in 1991 in Cairo (Egypt), the cotton capital of the world, well-known for its world-class long-staple cotton. In a short time, KTC made remarkable strides through its innovation, commitment, and quality to become a global entity. Today, KTC has offices and facilities in 13 countries around the world to serve its growing clientele and meet their exacting demand for knitwear, woven garments and home textiles. One reason for our success is the fact that we own every aspect of the operation giving us 100% control ? from sourcing, design and production to logistics and distribution.

Our commercial offices in Europe, North America and Asia give us the reach, sourcing, marketing and logistic support to create a full-service global apparel and textile company that’s vertically integrated to deliver everything from yarn to garment and beyond. Built into KTC’s mission right from its founding days is a deep and continuing commitment to fair trade agreements, healthy work environment, organic farming and environmental issues. That’s why over 2500 employees in four continents are proud to call KTC their home.

KTC’s integrated approach to textile and apparel production, the commitment and expertise of its well-trained staff and its global presence are the advantages we offer our long-standing clients, partners and suppliers. Simply put, at KTC we have taken the pain out of doing business globally.

Be it organic cotton produced in an environmentally friendly way or the use of eco-fibres and eco-processes to meet niche market requirements, KTC is well geared to meet the most demanding of requests from our clients. To stay ahead of environmental issues, KTC factories recycle valuable resources like water, and use only eco-friendly and Azo-free bio-degradable dyes and chemicals.

Our factories are compliant with both local and international laws and norms governing employee welfare, plant safety and working conditions. In fact, as a policy, KTC prefers to exceed most compliance requirements.

Beyond textiles

As a proud member of the Organic Exchange, KTC goes the extra mile to encourage and promote organic farming of raw materials like cotton. By making this commitment, KTC helps support organic farmers who build soil quality, enhance biodiversity and protect the air and water on which we all depend. This dedication gives KTC and its clients the opportunity to look good, feel good and do good at the same time.

Our factories are environmentally compliant. A good example is our plant in Egypt where all waste water from our dyeing plants is treated on-site and recycled to save our earth’s valuable resources.

Our employees work in world-class facilities that observe all legal, human and ethical standards. Our managers and supervisors are always one step ahead of new techniques thanks to their rigorous training in Europe and the United States on the latest technological and business practices. At our Egypt operations for instance, many of our employees have been handpicked from leading institutions. In addition, KTC is closely associated with the Kohl-Mubarak Institute, a premier training center, graduating hundreds of skilled textile workers annually.