From yarn to garment: no limits, no borders.
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A Vertically Integrated Manufacturer

KTC currently has two manufacturing facilities in egypt. The first, called kazareen, is a fully-integrated knitwear mill that provides knitting, dyeing, compacting, cutting, sewing, finishing, quality contorl and packing. The facility is one of the largest and best designed factories in egypt. Sitting in a beautiful 200,000 square foot facility, kazareen has fluid and seemless systems allowing it to receive yarn and turn it into a garment in no time. Truly, from yarn to garment.

KTC’s second facility, called bahia, is a smaller knitwear mill that cut’s and swes knitted and woven apparel, as well as bed sheets. Bahia has in house printing and embroidery capabilities and sewing machines that allow it to offer value-added garments both to its retail companies as well as its export operation. Bahia is the first factory KTC established, so it is the pride of KTC.

Nothing educates you in sourcing apparel like making it yourself.