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Canaren India


Canaren India in a short time has made a strong presence in one of the leading textiles countries in the world. Currently, Canaren India exports raw materials, apparel and home textiles to North-America, Europe, the middle-east and the gulf countries. Embedded in its strong market knowledge of raw cotton and yarn, Canaren India understands the needs of sourcing a good quality product by ensuring that every step in the manufacturing stage is executed with the highest quality. Only the finest yarns are used and only the finest factories in India have partnered up with Canaren India to complement the package it offers its customers abroad. With its 2 year existence and over 25 years of sourcing experience in India, Canaren India is strategically set-up to take advantage of the quality and wonders of India.

Canaren India fulfills both a role of sourcing agent and buying agent and fulfills its role by providing sourcing of raw materials and final products, design of product lines, quality audit and control and finally shipping and distribution.

Canaren India
14 DMR Garden
PN Road
Tirupur 641602
T: +91 421 247 3556