From yarn to garment: no limits, no borders.
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At Kazareen, a vertical integrated production process ensures that, from yarn to garment, Kazareen is on top of every manufacturing decision. Kazareen’s fifteen years of experience and its highly skilled experts makes it one of the top factories in knitted products in Egypt. with the advantages of both the wonders of Egyptian cotton and a low cost of production, Egypt is at the centre stage of the textiles world and Kazareen is right behind it leading the charge.

When it comes to quality, you can count on Kazareen. Kazareen’s in house facilities continuously monitor everything from raw material to final product at every stage of production, be it knitting, dying, sewing or finishing.

Kazareen draws its strength from a network of autonomous but interdependent companies that handle its sourcing and marketing throughout the globe. With its backbone in sourcing from Asia and marketing in North-America, Europe and the Middle-East, Kazareen is continuously meeting its market demands and improving and adding to its product base. With a global reach, Kazareen is at the forefront of apparel manufacturing and service.