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KTC has been exploring the retail market since 1995 through its Caj and Zarina brands. These youthful, trend-setting lines of knit, woven, innerwear and outerwear for 15 to 30 year olds of both genders has had a great impact in terms of fashion and style for over a decade now.

Currently, 25 retail outlets in Egypt help enhance brand presence and growth of Caj and Zarina. The growing popularity of these brands stands as testimony to KTC’s ability to manage the myriad details of manufacturing, sourcing and retailing.

This retail operation serves as an ideal testing ground for KTC to understand the latest trends in fashion, fabric, colors and end-user preferences. A dedicated in-house design center in Cairo then develops designs based on the market feedback. This feedback is gathered by many sources, including but not limited to KTC’s sales offices in Europe and North-America to its sourcing offices in Asia. This wide range of idea-generating gives KTC great access to most of the manufacturing and retail centers of the word.

In addition to the retail brands Caj and Zarina, KTC has developed its own private-label brands represented by the logos Asha, Work Ways and Cento per Cento. These brands represent apparel, uniforms and home textiles and sell to the marketplace in the middle-East through promotional and wholesale channels.

KTC’s retail ambitious will shift to the Indian market that offers a huge potential. With an annual GDP of over 9% and a population of $1 billion, India’s retail power is changing as the country itself changes from a third-world country into an economic powerhouse. Retail is very important to KTC’s growth aspirations and with over fifteen years of textiles experience, KTC is able to manufacture, source and retail products at very price and quality value added way. No limits. No borders.